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A Social Business Platform, defined by your Business Rules

A paperless system, with workflows built and authored by your business rules in the backend, and delivered straight to your workforce’s devices, Centricity is designed to create value both for your business and your team.

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Social Business Platform headline

Value Created for your Business by Centricity

Centricity is designed to relieve the ‘pain points’ commonly experienced by both enterprise businesses and the executors that work for them. Value is created for these segments through a single system in which workflows can be self-defined, initiated & completed in one place.

Pain Points: Enterprise & SMEs

A distinct lack of control, visibility, and tracking of business workflows once handed over to external contractors may result in shadow processes emerging with a lack of accountability and costly results to the business’s health and reputation. An increased dependency on IT departments to implement any desired changes to workflows via a complicated code-heavy backend system, resulting in a delayed and expensive backlog of processes. A constant back-and-forth exchange of info and processes between organisations can be lost or misunderstood when dialogue is conducted via messy mediums such as email or telephone.
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Value: Real-Time Control of Processes

All activity is automatically captured, recorded, geotagged, and collated into a sole historical repository, providing a complete overview of every process touchpoint from start to finish, accessible at any time.

Value: Workflow Autonomy

Purpose built diagnostic and evidence collection workflows are self-authored, edited, published, versioned and defined by an organisation’s own business rules in a simple, code-free web portal.

Value: Social Business Platform

A social business component allows organisations to focus on their own core deliverables whilst leveraging the expertise of their strategic partners through shared workflows, processes and roles.

Pain Points: Mobile Workforce

Every new job iteration creates an additional pen and paper based workflow. Whilst in the field, access to previous iterations of a job would require manual retrieval of the job history from the large paper-trail stored and archived statically. An inability to view a timetable of what jobs are personally assigned and scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly level, as well as the inability to schedule, initiate or claim a new job remotely. Having sufficient gaps during working hours but lacking a list of ‘pick-and-choose’ jobs which are available to claim for people with a specific set of skills, experience and time available.

Value: A Paperless System

Workflows are initiated, carried out and completed electronically with every interaction recorded and logged as the job progresses. A complete history of each interaction with every job is available and accessible at all times.

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Value: Dashboard & Launchpad

The ability to see all scheduled, actionable, available, overdue and in-progress jobs at a glance, as well as being able to initiate and schedule specific jobs remotely from a personalised launchpad.

Value: Available & Claimable jobs

Jobs can be sent to a role pool of users, each with the same set of skills, experience and know-how. These users can claim available jobs as desired to suit their specific areas or address working schedules and lives.

Features Designed with SMEs in Mind

Centricity is built to create optimum value for businesses in today’s changing climate

Social Business Platform share workflows

Share workflows, users and roles between organisations

Share workflows, users and roles with your strategic partners so that your business can better focus on your core deliverables. Privacy and security are key, so you can share as much or as little as you want, with the flexibility to change these settings whenever the situation may change.

Social Business Platform easily intergrate

Easily integrate with your existing business systems

For the ultimate business and integration flexibility, Centricity provides middleware software (ESB) for your business to integrate your systems using call-backs and APIs. APIs are exposed on Centricity and call-backs are authored as steps in your process. The enterprise service bus (ESB) collates multiple data streams, systems, processes and applications, and makes sure that the data between systems are delivered in a consistent and reliable manner.

Social Business Platform easily intergrate
Social Business Platform holistic overview

A holistic overview of your organisations, small or large

Whether you control various organisations, or deal with multiple sub-contractors, Centricity allows you to manage everything from one place so there is no more need to log-in and out or handle multiple accounts. Simply toggle between organisations and you’re good to go.

Your Business's Digital Transformation in 5 Steps

  • 1
    all features building

    Set up your business or organisation

  • 2
    all features group

    Create role groups and invite your team

  • 3
    all features authoring

    Author your business defined workflows

  • 4
    all features live schedule

    Schedule, initiate and execute workflows

  • 5

    Monitor and track live progress and results

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Centricity has partnered with global organisations to fast track their digital transformations through self-defined workflows and processes delivered straight to their workforce’s devices.

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We helped Avis Fleet get maximum mileage from their current eco system through agile enterprise solutions which were shaped around their business vision and digital transformation objectives embracing flexibility and change.

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“It is refreshing to find a solution framework/platform that truly delivers on its promise. The speed of delivery, ease of configuration and flexibility of change of the Centricity Platform was to say the least, remarkable.”

Mike Ré
CIO, Avis Fleet

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