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A Scheduling Board, flexible to your Business’s requirements

Whether you have a small or large team, or manage a group of contractors, you can plan, create, schedule and monitor jobs all from within the dynamic scheduling board.
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Individual and Group Scheduling

Centricity’s powerful scheduling board allows your business to quickly and easily create new jobs on the fly, with the capability to precisely monitor their progression through pivoted views and smart-filtering.

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Group Scheduling

Plan, manage and track your team’s jobs, tasks and assignments over the day, week and month

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Individual Scheduling

Plan your own scheduled day, week or month by matching claimable jobs to the applicable gaps in your schedule

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Resource Management

Create, assign and schedule a job from right inside the scheduling board with full visibility of your team’s availability

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Pivot Viewpoints

Change viewpoint to a map, calendar or list dependent on what you want to achieve with your scheduling board

all features stopwatch

SLA Tracking

See what jobs have run over the estimated job duration, or fallen out of SLA with visual alerts triggered

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Powerful Filtering

Visually monitor specific job statuses, job locations, role groups, users and workflows with dynamic filtering

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Create, Assign, and Schedule jobs all in one place

Create a new job within the scheduling board by selecting a workflow, time and date and desired assignee. The intelligent scheduler will cross-reference role types with availability, providing you with insight as to which team member is best suited for the job.

scheduling pivot views

Pivot Viewpoints based on your business’s scheduling needs

Three different viewpoints provide you with a well rounded context of the daily, weekly and monthly jobs. Use the map to see a geographical representation of your team’s jobs, the list to get a high level understanding of the month ahead, and the calendar to get an in-depth overview of scheduled jobs.

scheduling pivot views
scheduling filtering

Precise Job Monitoring with powerful filtering capabilities

The scheduling board’s powerful filtering capabilities allow you to quickly access the information you most need to see. Filter by a specific role group to see only the jobs scheduled for those users, by a particular location to see jobs in a specific region, or by job status to see jobs which are at risk of falling out of SLA. Custom filter presets can also be created for quick access to the most commonly used filter groupings.

Your Business's Digital Transformation in 5 Steps

  • 1
    all features building

    Set up your business or organisation

  • 2
    all features group

    Create role groups and invite your team

  • 3
    all features authoring

    Author your business defined workflows

  • 4
    all features live schedule

    Schedule, initiate and execute workflows

  • 5

    Monitor and track live progress and results

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