project management headline

Project and Resource Management at a glance

Centricity’s SLA dashboard and comprehensive history reporting provides your business with the holistic overview of all jobs logged within the system. At a glance see what jobs are falling out of SLA, or zoom in to see the specific interaction history of a job.
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project management headline

Effective Job Management

Dive into the interaction history of a job to oversee its progression, or generate a custom SLA report to quickly see what jobs are running smoothly or are at risk of falling out of SLA.

all features reporting

Powerful Reporting

Whether at the beginning, middle or end of a job, your team can access the history of that job at any time, anywhere

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SLA Management

See what jobs have run over the estimated job duration, or fallen out of SLA with visual alerts triggered

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Resource Management

Role-types define access to specific elements of workflow authoring, transitions, execution and management

project management timestamped

Every interaction updated live and accessible always

Centricity provides live updates of all jobs logged within the system, so that you get an overview of every process touchpoint and interaction from a single place, whether you’re on web or mobile.

project management sla management

SLA Management at a glance

The comprehensive SLA dashboard provides you with an overview of the progression of all live jobs. Centricity takes into account on average how long a workflow took to complete in previous iterations, giving you a view as to what jobs are currently within the expected SLA, what are now over average, & what is overdue.

project management sla management
project management export

All reports easily exportable to both Excel and PDF

All reports can be exported to either Excel or PDF, giving you the flexibility to integrate the reports into your internal processes.

entity management

Entity Management

Entity Management refers to the ability for an organisation to define a data object with custom attributes. This object in turn is used as an evidence control and/or lookup within workflows. Simple examples of such entities would be lists of customers, stock items, products, etc. along with all the information that defines each of these objects. Further functionality of Entities is the ability to specify granular uniqueness and/or mandatory executable attributes.

entity management

Your Business's Digital Transformation in 5 Steps

  • 1
    all features building

    Set up your business or organisation

  • 2
    all features group

    Create role groups and invite your team

  • 3
    all features authoring

    Author your business defined workflows

  • 4
    all features live schedule

    Schedule, initiate and execute workflows

  • 5

    Monitor and track live progress and results

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