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Workflows authored by your own Business Rules

Build custom workflows for your workforce to execute using highly flexible evidence controls transition types, defined & authored by your business rules. Decide what evidence fields are mandatory at the click of a button to ensure your team collects the right info every time.
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Dynamic Workflow Authoring

Workflows are self-authored and defined based on your business’s needs, so whether you require a simple three step workflow or a multi-layered project, it’s simple to build with Centricity’s powerful authoring tools.

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20 + Evidence Controls

Choose from over 20 evidence collection controls, each of which is completely customisable to your workflow needs

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Unlimited Transitions

Transitions between steps, flows and actions can be authored to create a seamless experience for users

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Role Based Permissions

Role-types define access to specific elements of workflow authoring, transitions, execution and management

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Version Control

Versioning provides the ability to reuse, audit and access historical versions of a workflow created by a business

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Mandatory Fields

Mandatory fields can be easily defined to create a level of accountability and prevent shadow workflows occurring

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Testing and Published Environments

Workflows can be trialled in a testing environment so that any issues can be fixed before going into live use

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Customisable evidence controls and mandatory fields

Both diagnostic and evidence collection flows can be authored specifically to cater to your business’s needs and processes using 20 completely customisable control types. Build custom forms for your mobile workforce to execute, and mark the important fields as mandatory to ensure your team collects the right evidence and information every time.

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Seamless Transitioning between steps, workflows and people

Transitions allow you to direct the course of your workflows in as many directions as you require. A transition can take you to anywhere in the same flow, new flow, or even to a new user or role group. Whatever the complexity required, Centricity makes it easy, simply give your transition a name and a destination and your workflow will be automatically linked up, no code necessary.

authoring seamless transitioning
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Auditable Version Control for your Workflows

Creating a new version of a workflow allows you to make changes in an unpublished state, whilst the existing flow is still live and fully executable. Better yet, you can trial the unpublished flow in the mobile app’s testing environment to see how those changes look without affecting any operational data. When you’re ready to publish any changes, the old flow will be safely archived and stored so you can easily switch back if the alterations weren’t quite right.

All Evidence Controls

The following controls can be used and customised to collect evidence via dynamic forms whilst out in the field as well as in the workplace

Single Line Text

To input a short piece of evidence such as a name

Multi-Line Text

To input a longer piece of evidence such as a description


To input evidence such as a measurement or rate

all features live schedule


To select both a date and time value as evidence


To select only a date value as evidence


To select only a time value as evidence

Image Upload

To upload an existing image from the user’s camera roll

Image Capture + Sketch

To capture an image and optionally sketch over the image

Audio Playback

To upload an existing audio recording as evidence

Audio Recording

To capture a new audio recording as evidence

Video Playback

To upload an existing video recording as evidence

Video Recording

To capture a new video recording as evidence

Boolean Switch

To make a YES or NO decision as evidence

Phone Number

To input a phone number as evidence

Email Address

To input an email address as evidence


To capture a drawn signature as evidence

Unencrypted Barcode Scan

To scan an unencrypted barcode or QR code

Encrypted Barcode Scan

To scan an encrypted barcode or code such as a PDF417 format

GPS/Address Search

To search for an address or select a location on a map

File Upload

To upload a document or files as evidence

Single Select Dropdown

To select a single option from a selection of options

Multi-Select Checklist

To select multiple options from a sections of options

Your Business's Digital Transformation in 5 Steps

  • 1
    all features building

    Set up your business or organisation

  • 2
    all features group

    Create role groups and invite your team

  • 3
    all features authoring

    Author your business defined workflows

  • 4
    all features live schedule

    Schedule, initiate and execute workflows

  • 5

    Monitor and track live progress and results

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