Core Features designed to help your business scale

Centricity provides your business with the ability to create and execute custom workflows on both mobile and web, as well as the capability to monitor live jobs through comprehensive reporting and scheduling.
centricity features authoring

Flexible workflow authoring, no code in sight

Build custom workflows for your workforce to execute using highly flexible evidence controls transition types, defined and authored by your own business rules. Decide what evidence fields are mandatory at the click of a button to ensure your team collects the right information every-time.

centricity features dashboard

Mobile dashboard and job execution on the fly

The Centricity App allows your mobile workforce to collect evidence and information via dynamic forms on their own devices, whilst out in the field.

centricity features dashboard
centricity features project management

Project and Resource Management at a glance

Centricity’s SLA dashboard and comprehensive history reporting provides your business with the holistic overview of all jobs logged within the system. At a glance see what jobs are falling out of SLA, or zoom in to see the specific interaction history of a job.

centricity features scheduling

Individual and Group Job Scheduling

Whether you have a small or large team, or manage a group of sub-contractors, you can plan, create, schedule and monitor jobs all from within the dynamic scheduling board.

centricity features scheduling